Virus and Spyware Removal

Help!! I’ve got a pesky virus! :-(

Virus and Spyware Removal by Alltech 044 939 0222Every computer owner knows that virus and spyware removal is one of those things that can get greatly improve a PCs performance.

What should you do?  Should you use free or paid software or should you seek the services of a professional?  Many of you probably rely on software alone to clean your computers. Though software can be quite effective in virus and spyware removal, sometimes they just can’t remove it all.  You reboot, try again, reboot, try again – but that pesky pop-up keeps coming back!

If you really want to make sure that your computer will be rid of all ‘nasties’  then your best bet is to go to a professional service providers such as Alltech Computer Systems in Mullingar, Westmeath.

Don’t Scrimp on Computer Security

Many people rely solely on free software for virus and spyware removal for the obvious reason – to save money. What many people fail to realize is that if you don’t properly address the problem, these viruses and spyware could ultimately lead to greater financial setbacks in the future. This is especially true if you use your computer for your work or business.

I’m not trying to scare-monger here but the fact is, viruses and spyware can do severe damage to a computer. Not only can you lose content from your hard drive but they can also meddle with your privacy and, in extreme cases, render your computer useless. What will you do if one day you just see that all your important files are gone? Can you imagine how such a tragedy will affect your work or business?  If this is your personal computer, can you imagine losing your precious photos or music collection?  It may be possible to recover the contents of your hard drive but it will cost you.

It is better to be safe than sorry. You should consider professional virus and spyware removal as an insurance policy. Call Alltech Computer Systems today on 044 939 0222 to get an estimate. You will be surprised at how reasonable the prices of our various services are.

Hard to Detect

Many viruses and spyware can be very hard to detect. Ordinary software simply won’t do. You may not know but your computer might be infected by a virus or a spyware right now. The damage that they do is not always obvious. If your computer is performing sluggishly then one of the possibilities is that it is infected with malware.

Often spyware can also invade your privacy by stealing personal information from your computer or from the sites that you visit on the Internet. Here at Alltech we will be able to detect malware that is ‘hiding’ inside your computer. Our experienced technicians use the industries best removal techniques and tools to complete the virus & spyware removal.

An Ounce of Prevention

Apart from virus and spyware removal, we can also help protect your computer from being reinfected by malware in the future by providing professional tips and advanced tools.

If you think your computer is infected right now or you would like a check-up, don’t hesitate.  Call All tech Computer Systems today – 044 939 0222

Off Site Backups

I know we have been talking about Virus and Spyware removal but it seems appropriate to quickly mention backups.  Have you got one?  If not then I strongly advise that you get that sorted asap.

You can consider backing up your data to an external hard-drive or other removable media.  I remember, we used to take daily backups to a Tape Drive and then store them in a fire-proof safe overnight!  This was obvious way back when off-site storage was too expensive.  Nowadays off-site backup options are very affordable and, with the increase in internet connection speeds, are the obvious and logical choice.  Talk to us about the solutions we have available using secure data centres in various locations.

A Quick Tip

A backup is only as good as the data it restores!  I’ve lost count of the times that clients have had a problem, lost some data and then go to restore their backup only to find it’s corrupt.

If you keep backup on an external device, do yourself a favour – TEST IT :-)

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