Refurbished Laptops

Buy with confidence

Refurbished Laptops and ComputersIf you want to purchase a laptop or computer, but you cant really justify the expense right now to consider a new one, don’t worry, consider instead one of our refurbished laptops or computers.

Our refurbished laptops and computers are generally previously owned business machines.  The previous owner has upgraded to new equipment yet these laptops and PCs are far from the end of their lives.  We take these computers, ensure that they fully functioning and that all internal drivers are up-to-date

Many choices to consider

While it’s best to think about the features you don’t need when it comes to refurbished laptops, you should also ponder on the ones you do need. The good news is that our refurbished laptops and computers are in constant demand so if you don’t see something to suit your needs, it won’t be long before we add more to our stock.


All of our refurbished laptops and computers come with a limited warranty – you can buy with confidence.  When you take possession of your new-to-you machine, if you have any concerns or questions just pick up the phone and call Alltech Computer Systems on 044 939 0222 or pop in.  We’re not going anywhere and we stand by our products.

New models available as well

We have an excellent range of new laptops and computers too.  Check out our online shop (Coming Soon) or visit us today.