Computer Sales and Repairs

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Computer Sales and Repairs

Technology has benefited in a major way from the use of computers. In fact computers and technology go hand in hand.  We offer ‘All the technology – all you will ever need’.

Here at Alltech Computer Sales (Mullingar) you will find a professional repair service and unbeatable computer sales offers. Whether you are looking for standalone or networked services, we have you covered.  Why not come and pay us a visit?

When you buy a computer you should also consider your ongoing support requirements.  Just the other day we had someone checking our prices against those available at a national retail outlet.  After the lady had completed checking the specification against prices she decided to buy from the national chain and benefited from a saving of €15.  Unfortunately, after her purchase she then needed help with installing various programs.  Obviously we had to charge her for that service.

FACT: If she had purchased the computer from us we would have been able to look after her at a much reduced rate.  The net result was that she ended up paying in the region of €50 more than if she had completed the entire transaction with us!  Please do consider your ongoing support requirements when making your initial purchase decision.  Large national electrical chains are excellent when buying a fridge or a cooker but not always so good when it comes to computers!

Don’t buy the first computer you see just because the price seems right!  You must consider what you plan on using your computer for.  The specifications of a computer used to simply browse the ‘net and Facebook is vastly different to that required if you plan on working on resource-heavy graphics programs, processor intensive audio studio programs or online gaming.  If you are not sure what you need then talk to us.  We will guide you in the right direction.

Computers For Business

Depending on the scale of your business you may want to explore our networking solutions that can help you manage your company’s computers.  Talk to us about your hardware and software needs.  Not only can we supply but we can also fit and offer competitive ongoing support contracts.  Talk to us about your data security issues, virus protection/virus removal and backup procedures.

Comprehensive Computer Repair Service

Not looking to buy a new computer but would prefer to upgrade or repair your existing equipment?  We can help you there too!  We will even tell you if a repair is the sensible economical option for you.  If a new computer is not in your budget then check out our refurbished computers.

Check out our online shop and if you don’t see what you are looking for simply call us on 044 939 0222 and let us help you find the exact fit for your needs.

Remember, after you get your new computer we are here to help with your future needs.  If you ever need some assistance with installing new programs or hardware or just want advice on your best next upgrade, talk to us.

In Summary – If you are looking for Computer Sales and Repairs in Westmeath (and the rest of Ireland using our national courier service) you’ve found us!  Browse our shop or call us now on 044 939 0222.